Denver Gem Show 2018

Every Year I take a class with me to the Tucson Bead & Gem Show. But wait a minute…. I have the exact same vendors in my backyard in Denver! So this year, I also took a group of students to the Denver Gem Show shopping with me. And then we went back to my Denver studio and used all of our treasures into a mosaic piece, me included.


Let the day begin!

Here I sit on a bench made from stone.

As a mixed media mosaic artist I like to use all sorts of materials. Right now I am obsessed with using gem stones and beads. My work always begins with my “palette”, the gathering of materials that get my creative juices flowing. Come with me on my mosaic shopping adventure.


Finding Treasures

this was one of my favorite vendors for crystals.


a beautiful mess…

My “palette” is beginning to come alive

All of this shopping was for my new series: “heARTs”. After gathering all of my goodies, I took everything back to my studio and began to layout my different “palettes”. For this piece I choose this blue crystal rock shaped heart as my focal piece. And then, I began pulling from my collection of beads a color palette that would enhance this crystal heart.


growing out from the center

My creative process is how I choose to use my palette to create depth and interest and not just a color story.


“Loving Blues”

Using a color palette in rust & blues, I was able to create texture and movement, growing out from the center, by manipulating the scale and direction of the beads.


a collection of heARTs

yes, all of these new pieces are for SALE.

Every year I go to these 2 Gem Shows: Tucson and now Denver. This is my process: shopping, sorting and then mosaicking. Both of these workshops fill up quickly because it is such a unique and fun experience. If you too want to come on this mosaic journey with me, EMAIL me which workshop you want to be part of and get your deposits in NOW.