Let's Begin...

Welcome to my New Art World!

I have been wanting to redo my website for a while now, but technology is not always my friend.  Squarespace made it pretty easy.  As you can see, I am still fine tuning my vision, when in actuality my art as is my life is always a Work In Progress.

Presently, I am working on a new series of Modern Art pieces for a show in September.  I am determined to get a wall full of these 12" X 12" pieces completed by then.... wish me luck!  I love the visual impact of a space filled with little stories that can be displayed in a grouping or stand alone as an individual piece.  I am so attracted to color, texture & the repetition of building a visual story.   As I began this work a circle became the starting place for each piece.

I do have other themes that interest me in this format, but we will have to see where this visual journey takes me.  Stay tuned!