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Join Susan in Denver, for this unique 3 day GEM SHOW experience.  First you will be able to join her 1st group of students from the week before on this unique shopping adventure to all of her favorite vendors at the Denver gem Show, on Thursday September 12. There you will purchase your treasures to tell a very personal visual mosaic story on a 3D substrate. And then you will have to wait a week, I know it will be hard to do… and come back the following weekend to learn all of her mosaic secrets in her inspiring Denver studio.  Susan teaches mosaics as a process, just follow along and you too will be so proud of your creation.   All substrates are designed and made by Susan, which is what makes these workshops so unique. All other tesserae is included. 

+BONUS GEM SHOW. Join Susan for all full day of shopping at the Annual Denver Gem Show!  Thursday September 12, 2019 And then the following weekend in her studio September 21- Sunday September 22, 2019.

Choose any substrate from her large selection. This is only a 2 day class, so pick a form you can dig your creative juices into for 2 days and utilize all the beads and gems we will be purchasing at the gem show.

Contact Susan so you can schedule your visit to Colorado and bring your friends!  She is happy to help you figure out the details for your fun long weekend of mosaics and exploring Colorado!