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INSPIRATION, where does mine come from…. Well, of course my art is a journey of my life, but most recently my art has taken a new direction due to a “BLOW MY MIND” art show that I experienced at the Denver Art Museum: NICK CAVE! And it was NOT his SOUNDSUITS that inspired, although they […]

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I found this solid wood double angels at an antique shop in the neighborhood. All of my work starts with a focal piece, something that makes my heart sing and my spirit soar. a Mandala came to mind when I began to build my shape to house these beautiful angels. Next, I pull out my […]

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My Bliss

As an artist, there is always 1 moment or 2 which rocks your world, this piece was one of those moments. I had built the base for this dress and started adding some texture to the bodice when I got stuck… I knew I wanted her to look antiqued, so I gave her a base […]

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my “Golden Angel”

As an artist, you are responsible for shipping all your work to a show, I often submit my 4lb dresses for that reason. The best part of a local show, is that I get to create some amazingly large scale works. My next show is going to be at The Dairy in Boulder, Colorado. I […]

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