INSPIRATION, comes from so many places…

This year’s art retreat at Hacienda Mosaico was MAGICAL. I had 1 student, Elsa, fly in from Guatemala. Of course she wanted to learn how I mosaic my Signature dresses, but she found it challenging to find the materials she wanted in her home town.

Helaine’s dress

All of my students are so generous to one another with their time and experience, it is a sharing community of creative souls, which is what I love most about mosaics as an art form. Elsa had seen Helaine’s mosaic dress (pictured above) that she had made in Mexico the previous year, and just fell in love with her palette, colors & textures. Helaine enjoys the beginning process of collecting discarded treasures to tell a visual story; she is a master at the hunt.  So, I asked Helaine if she would put a “palette” together for Elsa. And this is the palette Helaine had gathered for Elsa to use on her mexico dress, how generous!

Elsa’s “sketch”

I like to refer to this part of the mosaic process as a “sketch”, it is how the student works with the tessera to create the design. We first drew out the outline of the dress form onto the table, so that Elsa could play with the design on a flat surface. She then played around with the balance of her colors and textures, until she was happy.

Elsa’s mosaic dress

As you can see, Elsa’s dress really looks nothing like Helaine’s completed dress, but you can see the “inspiration”. That is what I enjoy most about the mosaic process, you never know what your piece is going to look like until you are finish. It is this creative process that is the most inspirational part of the mosaic journey.

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2 Responses to INSPIRATION, comes from so many places…

  1. Karen June 12, 2017 at 10:12 am #

    Both are just beautiful but helaines is just breathtaking. The flow of colors the use of materials Elaine is one true artist. It gave me chills as most of her work does
    Susan your work and kinship with your fellow mosaic artists is a beautiful thing. I hope to meet you one day. Your talent and skills are the standard

  2. Cathy Fulcher June 12, 2017 at 8:48 am #

    Both dresses are beautiful but do not look copied. Helaine always has the best treasures and has a special gift for putting them together.

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