When Susan wants to create a still life, landscape, or portrait of imagery that captivates her, this is the more traditional mosaic style she does it in.  Using stained glass like paint, she varies shapes of glass to feel like the subject she is "painting". Want to know all her painting with glass secrets? Try the Painting With Glass online class

Poppy Love, 2014. 20"x20" [SOLD]

"Memory Rose" 2014. 42"W x 53"H x 1"D [$5200]

"I Love Colorado", 2017 40"x30" [SOLD]

Red Mile, 2016. 24"x18" [SOLD]

"American Portrait," 2014. 28"Hx28"W [$2800]

American Icon, 2014. 28"x36" [SOLD]

"Hacienda Fountain," 2014. 28"Hx22"W [SOLD]