PAINT BY NUMBERS, an inspiration

When I was young, in the 60’s, I thought I was an “artist” when me & my BFF Jane would spend hours painting our paint-by-number masterpieces!
Now that I am all grown up, I still love collecting paint-by-numbers but now I translate the designs into mosaics.
Paint-by-numbers lend themselves perfectly for mosaics, because they already
separate the colors for you. For me, I particularly like the look of them, they bring out the nostalgia in my pieces. For those of you who always wanted to learn how to mosaic flowers, or a scene into mosaics, this is a perfect place to begin.
This is the very first paint-by-number painting that I can remember making:

my first paint-by-number

my first paint-by-number

and here is the mosaic inspired by this piece:roseMemory
There is a depth and richness to the mosaics that is missing with the flat paint.
I LOVE flowers, especially roses, my maiden name is “Rosenberg” which translates into hill of roses, so I mainly collect paint-by-number flowers. By using the paint-by-numbers for my visual guide, I am able to first draw a hard outline in which to separate each color and then create dimension and shading by using varied glass. Here is another example, before:
paint by numbers

paint by numbers

and after:BLOSSOMS IN FLIGHT 28" X 22"

who wants to try it? I am selling my entire paint by number collection to my students so they can try this technique on their own. email me for the details…

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