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My creative mind works quicker than my hands & contains a constant flow of visual images swimming in my head. When I am in my studio, I work on multiple pieces all at the same time. There is a process in which I work and that process is also how I teach. Every piece begins with the gathering of discarded treasures, a lifelong endeavor. And then I build my hand- made substrate, together with my “palette” and spread everything out on my work table.  From there I simply surrender to the process and let the piece unfold. My mom has always been my biggest influence in my life. I have a BFA from the University of Michigan and a MFA from NYU in costume design. So it was my mom’s suggestion that my signature pieces should be mosaic dresses. When I saw hanging in a craft store, half of a dress in a metal form, I was inspired. I bought 50 and began my series. Since then, I have been asked to teach my mosaic secrets all over the globe.  Traveling & teaching  is all part of my life’s journey,  to  share my love of mixed media mosaics and empower others with their own creative voice.  I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. Together we build a loving community. Once you take a class from me you are forever part of a very special group of creative souls that I call my Mosaic Warriors. Welcome to the club!


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