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Mosaics as ART! What most people don’t realize is that the decorative arts are traditionally the art of women. Sculptors and painters were men, and such mediums were labeled as ‘fine art.’ On the contrary, the works of women– pottery, basketmaking, decoration– have been labeled as ‘crafts’, as a way to belittle an entire genre of art, because of history’s misogyny. This misogyny remains engrained, even in the minds of contemporary women, to the point of constant critique of anything without ladles of latent meaning. Decorative art is art and my art of choice is ‘mixed media mosaics”. There is a process in which I work and that process is also how I teach. Every piece begins with the gathering of discarded treasures, a lifelong endeavor. And then I build my hand- made substrate, together with my “palette” and spread everything out on my work table.  From there I simply surrender to the process and let the piece unfold. My mom has always been my biggest influence in my life. I have a BFA from the University of Michigan in sculpture and a MFA from NYU in costume design. It was my mom’s suggestion that I should mosaic a series of dresses. When I saw hanging in a craft store, half of a dress in a metal form, I was inspired. I bought 50 and began my ‘signature’ series. My latest obsession, are my ‘animal totems’. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating them. Thanks for stopping by!


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