new: dress & wings class

Learn to create a visual story on one of Susan's unique dress form designs in this online class; including tips on how to collect a palette, how to apply different materials, and how and where to create focal points.

heart: mosaics 101 

Incorporate a keepsake or capsule a memory within this heart that serves as a perfect gift for loved ones. A smaller project, this class is Mosaics 101 to teach you the absolute basics of working with mosaics. 

how to mosaic a niche: mosaics 103

This Mosaics 103 class dives a little deeper, and teaches more advanced mosaic methods. This class includes how to create more complex visual stories, multiple methods of adhesion, and more. 

how to cut a china plate: mini class

This mini class is the perfect accessory to other classes. Cutting a plate is no easy task, and you want to make sure you don't ruin the design of a piece of china that can't be replaced. Cut china works great as tesserae on substrates with curves.

painting with glass

Have a favorite art piece of yours, or a famous painting you love? Take any 2D piece into the realm of 3D with Susan's method of "painting with glass." It's a more traditional mosaic method, but still incorporates layering- putting it in the realm of 3D Susan is known for. 

how to mosaic a mirror: mosaics 102

Wanting to create a beautiful piece for your home, or just work a little larger? Create a mosaic mirror and learn the tricks to arranging tesserae in a radial pattern, and how to do a really clean grout job.

making a wood niche substrate: mini class

This mini class teaches you how to make your own wooden shrine substrate. These substrates might seem simple, but Susan takes you behind the process and shows saws, glue, clamps, and all. Don't fret though, she also sells them in the shop.

make new metal, look old: mini class

Sometimes you don't want to rile through piles in vintage shops just to find the perfect something old for your new piece. With this multi-step method, you can make any new metal piece look perfectly antique.