my “NEW” curtain dress substrate

After years of teaching 1,000’s of students how to mosaic my “original” dress forms, I decided to design a new dress substrate. I found what was missing from my original dresses, was a spot to tell a featured visual story. We pull away the curtains to reveal a strong focal story in which the rest […]

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FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Susan Wechsler by Sally Kinsey – January 2017

Two years ago I had the pleasure of spending a couple days in a workshop Susan held in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was nothing short of magical! The setting we created in was in an old decaying church, owned by her father’s company. Even more memorable were the people and lessons that filled those few days. […]

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fancy words, a teaching moment

Andamento is the visual flow and direction within a mosaic produced by the placement of rows of tesserae. which leads me into what is tesserae: The plural of “tessera”, a name given to a piece used in a mosaic. Originally tesserae were the cubes of stone used in ancient classical mosaics, but now the term […]

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